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The Brome play of Abraham and Isaac


Titre:The Brome play of Abraham and Isaac; The Brome "Abraham and Isaac"; The Brome Abraham; The Sacrifice of Isaac
Date:XVe siècle
Forme:465 vers
Incipit:Fader of hevyn omnipotent,
with all my hart to the I call;
thow hast ȝoffe me both lond and rent,
and my lyvelod thow hast me sent…
Explicit:… and feytheffully serve hym qwyll ȝe be qvart
that ȝe may plece God bothe evyn and morne.
Now Jesu, that weryd the crown of thorne,
bryng us all to hevyn blysse!
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Éditions anciennes
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Traductions modernes
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