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Chevelere assigne


Titre:Cheuelere assigne (ms., inc.); Chevelere assigne
Date:Seconde moitié du XIVe siècle
Forme:370 vers
Contenu:Traduction d'une version française abrégée du récit du Chevalier au cygne.
Incipit:Alle weldynge god · whenne it is his wylle,
wele he wereth his · werke with his owne honde:
for ofte harmes were hente · þat helpe we ne myȝte;
nere þe hyȝnes of hym · þat lengeth in heuene…
Explicit:… Assakarye þe thrydde · & gadyfere þe fowrthe;
the fyfte hette rose · for she was a mayden;
the sixte was fulwedde · cheuelere assygne.
And þus þe botenynge of god · browȝte hem to honde.
  1. London, British Library, Cotton, Caligula A. II, f. 125v-129v
Éditions anciennes
Éditions modernes
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Traductions modernes
  • en anglais:
    • Cheuelere Assigne (The Knight of the Swan), a late-fourteenth century Middle English verse romance translated and retold in Modern English prose by Richard Scott-Robinson, [s. l.], Richard Scott-Robinson, 2016, 9 p. []
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