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Geoffrey Brito


Galfridus Britonus

Geoffrey Brito (fl. 1210–50) was the nephew of Alexander Neckam, and an Augustinian canon at Cirencester Abbey. Alexander sent him as a boy to the school at Dunstable under Master Ralph, commemorated in his poem ‘Quem tibi transmitto doctor Radulfe nepotem' (‘Accept, teacher Ralph, the nephew I send to you; teach him with diligent care.'). After Alexander's death in 1217, Geoffrey was the recipient of two benefices in his memory. The manuscript now surviving in the Cambridge University Library, Gg.6.42, with the incipit ‘Sol meldunensis', is a miscellany of Alexander's works presented to Geoffrey, abbot of Malmesbury from 1246 to 1260. It is key to establishing the canon of Alexander Neckam, and a fascinating example of collaboration between two abbeys.


  1. Sol Meldunensis

    Contents:Contents listed in Hochgürtel (2008, xxii–xxiv).
    1. Cambridge, University Library, Gg.6.42 (1246–60, Cirencester)
    Modern editions
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