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King Ponthus and the Fair Sidone


Date:XVe siècle
Contenu:Traduction du Roman de Ponthus et de la belle Sidoyne.
Incipit:Now I wolle you tell a noble storye, whereof a man may lerne mony goode ensamples, and yonge men may here the goode dedes of aunciente people that dide muche goode and worschip in their days — how itt happenyd to the kyng Tiber of Spayne. That kyng had to his wyf the kynges doghtre of Aragon, a full holy womman…
Explicit:… The kyng Ponthus and the quene leved long enughe and reigned to the pleser of God and then they discesed and finisshed to the grete sorowe and hevyness to their people.
Bot thus it is of this worldly live; for ther be noon so fair, ne so ryche, so strong, ne so goode, bot at the last he must nedes leve this worlde. Explicit.
  1. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Douce, 384
Éditions modernes
  • Jewett Mather, Frank, Jr., « King Ponthus and the Fair Sidone », Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, 12:1, 1897, lxvii + 150 p. [HT] [IA] DOI: 10.2307/456284
Traductions modernes
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