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The marriage of Sir Gawain


Titre:The marriage of Sir Gawain
Date:Vers 1400
Forme:217 vers (quatrains)
Incipit:Kinge Arthur lives in merry Carleile,
and seemely is to see,
and there he hath with him Queene Genever,
that bride soe bright of blee…
Explicit:… Soe did the knights, both more and lesse,
rejoyced all that day,
for the good chance that hapened was
to Sir Gawaine and his lady gay.
  • London, British Library, Additional, 27879, p. 46-52 [⇛ Description]
  • Éditions anciennes
    Éditions modernes
    • Syr Gawayne; a Collection of Ancient Romance-Poems, by Scotish and English Authors, Relating to that Celebrated Knight of the Round Table, with an introduction, notes, and a glossary. By Sir Frederic Madden, London, Taylor, 1839, lxix + 431 p. (ici p. 288-297) [GB] [IA]
    • Bishop Percy's Folio Manuscript. Ballades and Romances. Edited by John W. Hales and Frederick J. Furnivall, London, Trübner and Co., 1867-1868, 3 t. (ici t. 3, p. 103-118) [GB: t. 1, t. 2, t. 2:2, t. 3] [IA: t. 1, t. 2, t. 3]
    • Sir Gawain: Eleven Romances and Tales, edited by Thomas Hahn, Kalamazoo, Medieval Institute Publications (Middle English Texts), 1995, xi + 439 p. []
    Traductions modernes
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