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The miroure of mans saluacionne


Titre:The miroure of mans salvacionne (ms., expl.); The mirour of mans salvacioune; The mirour of mans saluacioun; The mirror of man's salvation
Date:Vers 1400
Contenu:Traduction du Speculum humanae salvationis.
Incipit:In name of God almyghti / ye blyssed Trinitee
In o substaunce vntwynned / and eure in persones thre
and in oure laydis honoure / hevenes souereyne qwene
yt most myne hert & handt / gouerne if wele shall bene…
Explicit:… And thus eendes right here / this ruyde Translacionne
off the boke named miroure / of mans saluacionne
Jhū alle thas encreece / in his grace and mercy
whilk to lerne to do wele / heres or redes it hertly
  1. New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke Library, Takamiya, 97 [⇛ Description]
Éditions anciennes
Éditions modernes
  • The Miroure of Mans Salvacionne, a fifteenth century translation into English of the Speculum humanæ salvationis and now for the first time printed from a manuscript in the possession of Alfred Henry Huth. With preface and glossary, London, privately printed for the Roxburghe Club, 1888, xxix + 177 p. + [1] f. de pl. [GB] [IA]
  • The Mirour of Mans Saluacioun: a Middle English Translation of "Speculum humanae salvationis": a critical edition of the fifteenth-century manuscript, illustrated from Der Spiegel der menschen Behältnis, Speyer: Drach, c. 1475 [by] Avril Henry, Aldershot, Scolar Press, 1986, 347 p.
Traductions modernes
  • Brix, Otto, Über die mittelenglische Übersetzung des "Speculum humanae salvationis", Berlin, Mayer und Müller (Palaestra, 7), 1900, [vi] + 127 p. [GB] [IA]
    Édition antérieure:
    • Brix, Otto, Über die mittelenglische Übersetzung des "Speculum humanae salvationis", Berlin, Mayer und Müller, 1899, 34 p. [GB] [IA]
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