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Ancienne cote:8009


  1. (f. 1r-2v) The life of saint Dorothea, en prose anglaise
    Incipit:The right glorious virgyn saint Dorothea came owne of the noble blode of the sanatours of Rome. Her father hight Dorotheo and her moder Theodora…
  2. (f. 4r-18v) Assumptio Sanctae Mariae, en vers anglais
    Incipit:A merye tale telle I may
    of seint Marye, that swete may.
    All this tale and this lesson,
    is here holy Assumpcion…
  3. (f. 19r-30v) The life of saint Anne, en vers anglais
    Incipit:O blessed Jeshu that arte fulle of myght,
    the wonder of vertu and of all goodnes…
    Explicit:… of hys gret mercy, that we may be hys,
    and when we dye, to haue eternall blise.
    Here endyth the lyff of seynt Anne.
  4. (f. 31r-48r) The life of saint Katherine, en prose anglaise
    Incipit:Here begynnyth the lyf of seynt Katerin and how she was maried to oure Lord.
    Here begynnyth the liffe of seynt Katryne, that ys aryght glorious virgyn ande marter, the whiche liffe was wretyn of Anastacious, the grett doctoure, that knewe all her blessed liffe and conversacion, and was one of her mynesters…
    Explicit:… Now Jesu Criste, goddus sonne, that arte fader full of myght, graunte vs grace to haue mynd on this passion, by the which we may come to the eternall light. Amen.
    Here endyth the lyf of seynt Katerin and the maryage to oure lorde.
  5. (f. 49r-75r) The distichs of Cato, traduction en vers anglais (à l'encre noire) des Disticha Catonis avec le texte latin (à l'encre rouge)
    Incipit:When I aduertice in my remembraunce
    and see, how felle folke erren greuously…
    Explicit:… by two and two my metter for to knyt,
    not causeth me but symplenes of wit.
  6. (f. 76r-119v) Torrent of Portyngale
  7. (f. 119v-121r) The lamentation of Our Lady, en vers anglais
    Incipit:Off alle women that ever were born
    that berith children, abide and se…
    Explicit:… and you also with outen dere,
    wnto the blis, where is my son dere.
  8. (f. 121r-v) Prayer to the Virgin, en vers anglais
    Incipit:Mary moder, welle thou be:
    Mary mayden, think on me!…
    Explicit:… shryfte and housell at myn end,
    to heuyn blis that I may wend. Amen.
    A prayer to oure lady. Explicit.
  9. (f. 122r-187v) The tale of Bevis of Hampton, en vers anglais
    Incipit:Here begynnyth a good tale of BEvys of Hamtoun, a good werriour.
    Lystenythe, lordinges, yf ye will dwelle,
    of a doughty man I wyll you tell…
  10. (f. 188r-332r) The tale of Ipomadon, en vers anglais
    Incipit:Here begynnyth a good tale of Ipomadon.
    Off love were lykynge of to lere
    and joye tille all that wol here…
    Explicit:… to hym that made bothe nyght and day,
    to brynge vs to the blysse, that lestis aye.
    Amen ffor charyte.
  11. (f. 334r-351v) A boke of kervyng and nourtur, en vers anglais
    Incipit:In nomine patris, god kep me and filii for cherite,
    et spiritus sancti, where I be, both by lond and be see…
    Explicit:… for his faders and moders soule þat ye be prayinge,
    to brynge vs to the blis þat nevure shall haue endynge. Amen.
    Explicit the boke off norture and of kervynge.
  12. (f. 353r-362v) The manner of the feasts and visitations of the Emperor of Bourgoyne, addressed to the Lady Comynes, en anglais
  13. (f. 363r-364v) The namys of the wardeyns and balyffys in the tym of Kynge Rychard the frest in the yer of owre lorde god MCCCCIX, en anglais
  14. (f. 366r-368r) Ballad of a tyrannical husband, en vers anglais

Description matérielle

Date:XVe siècle
Nombre de feuillets:368
Mise en page: 
Notes:Le f. 3 manque. Plusieurs f. sautés dans la numérotation.



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  • Torrent of Portugal. An English metrical romance. Now first published from an unique manuscript of the fifteenth century, preserved in the Chetham Library at Manchester. Edited by James Orchard Halliwell, London, John Russell Smith, 1842, xii + 120 p. [GB] [IA]
  • Kölbing, E., « Vier Romanzen-Handschriften », Englische Studien, 7, 1884, p. 177-201. (ici p. 195-201) [GB] [HT] [IA: ex. 1, ex. 2, ex. 3]
  • Torrent of Portyngale. Re-edited from the unique MS. in the Chetham Library, Manchester, by E. Adam, London, Trübner (Early English Text Society. Extra Series, 51), 1887, xxxiv + 120 p. [GB] [IA: ex. 1, ex. 2]
    • Woodbridge et Rochester, Boydell and Brewer, 2002
  • Andersen, D. M., An Edition of the Middle English Ipomadon, Ph. D. dissertation, University of California at Davis, 1968. [PQ]
  • Ipomadon, edited by Rhiannon Purdie, Oxford, Oxford University Press for the Early English Text Society (Early English Text Society. Original Series, 316), 2001, [IA]
  • Sir Torrent of Portingale, edited by James Wade, Kalamazoo, Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, 2017, vii + 126 p.
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