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  1. (f. 15r-22r) The Brome play of Abraham and Isaac
    Incipit:Fader of hevyn omnipotent,
    with all my hart to the I call…
    Explicit:… Now Jesu, that weryd the crown of thorne,
    bryng us all to hevyn blysse!

Description matérielle

Date:Quatrième quart du XVe siècle
Nombre de feuillets:82
Foliotation:i-ii + 1-78 + i-ii
Format:206 × 141 mm
Justification:160 × 75 mm
Mise en page: 


  • Sir Edward Kerrison Bart., Brome Hall, Suffolk


  • Toulmin Smith, L., « Abraham and Isaac, a mystery play; from a private manuscript of 15th century », Anglia, 7, 1884, p. 316-337. [DZ] [GB] [HT] [IA]
  • A Common-Place Book of the Fifteenth Century, Containing a Religious Play and Poetry, Legal Forms, and Local Accounts, printed from the original manuscript at Brome Hall, Suffolk, by Lady Caroline Kerrison, edited with notes by Lucy Toulmin Smith, London, Trübner, 1886, [viii] + 176 p. + [2] p. de pl. [GB] [IA]
  • Marston, T. E., « The Book of Brome », Gazette, 41, 1967, p. 141-145.
  • Kahrl, S. J., « The Brome Hall Commonplace Book », Theater Notebook, 22, 1968, p. 157-161.
  • Davis, N., « The Brome Hall Commonplace Book », Theater Notebook, 24, 1969-1970, p. 84.
  • Catalogue en ligne de la bibliothèque
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