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United States of America / New Haven / Yale University / Beinecke Library / Takamiya

Cote:Takamiya 97


  1. (f. 1r-62v) The miroure of mans salvacionne
    Incipit:In name of God almyghti / ye blyssed Trinitee
    In o substaunce vntwynned / and eure in persones thre…
    Explicit:… Jhū alle thas encreece / in his grace and mercy
    whilk to lerne to do wele / heres or redes it hertly
  2. (f. 63r-64r) [Index du texte précédent]
    Incipit:Absolon is hanged. . . XXV°…
    Explicit:… Ȝerde of Jesse. . . IIII
  3. (f. 64v) [Envoi en partie illisible]
    Incipit:boke of] eend fro the begynnyng
    of oft vneven ] and thus pore rymayin…
    Explicit:… and for some bisynesses] streyning comtinuelly
    proffits it me to] filow my wyser thus simply
  4. (f. 65r-v) [Extrait du Speculum humanae salvationis ajouté pour combler une omission dans la traduction ci-dessus]
    Incipit:Cum magno gaudio & letitia ad templum veniebas
    cum magno dolore & tristitia de templo recedebas…
    Explicit:… Quintam tristitiam mater dulcissima tunc habuisti
    quando dulcissimum filium tuum in cruce pendentem conspexisti

Description matérielle

Date:Vers 1450
Nombre de feuillets:64
Format:284 × 210 mm
Reliure:Maroquin brun à dorures (XIXe s.)e
Mise en page:Initiales ornées; encre rouge
Décoration:3 miniatures attribuées au Maître de Dunois
Notes:Le f. 64v s


  • Alfred Henry Huth
  • Sir Leicester Harmsworth
  • William and Christina Foyle
  • Professeur Toshiyuki Takamiya, qui en fait don à la bibliothèque


  • The Miroure of Mans Salvacionne, a fifteenth century translation into English of the Speculum humanæ salvationis and now for the first time printed from a manuscript in the possession of Alfred Henry Huth. With preface and glossary, London, privately printed for the Roxburghe Club, 1888, xxix + 177 p. + [1] f. de pl. [GB] [IA]
  • The Mirour of Mans Saluacioun: a Middle English Translation of "Speculum humanae salvationis": a critical edition of the fifteenth-century manuscript, illustrated from Der Spiegel der menschen Behältnis, Speyer: Drach, c. 1475 [by] Avril Henry, Aldershot, Scolar Press, 1986, 347 p.
  • Clemens, Raymond, Diane Ducharme et Emily Ulrich, A Gathering of Medieval English Manuscripts: The Takamiya Collection at the Beinecke Library, New Haven, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, 2017, 120 p. (ici p. 22) []

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