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The squyr of lowe degre


Titre:Undo your dore (éd. 1520); The squyr of lowe degre (éd. 1560); Under your door (trad. mod.); The squire of low degree (trad. mod.)
Date:Fin du XVe siècle
Incipit:It was a squyre of lowe degre
yt loued ye kynges doughter of hūgre,
ye squyre was curtes & kynd,
eche mā hī loued & was his frēde…
  1. London, British Library, Additional, 27879, p. 444-446 [⇛ Description]
Éditions anciennes
  1. Here begynneth undo your dore
    [London], [Wynkyn de Worde], [vers 1520]
    ARLIMA: EA2885   USTC: 501554   ESTC: S111276
  2. The squyr of lowe degre
    London, William Copland, [vers 1560]
    ARLIMA: EA2886   USTC: 505666   ESTC: S95321
Éditions modernes
  • Remains of the Early Popular Poetry of England; collected and edited, with introductions and notes, by W. Carew Hazlitt, London, John Russell Smith, 1864-1866, 4 t. (ici t. 2, p. 21-64) [IA: t. 1, t. 2, t. 3, t. 4]
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    Édition antérieure:
    • Ancient Engleish Metrical Romanceës, selected and publish'd by Joseph Ritson, London, Bulmer for Nicol, 1802, 3 t., ccxxiv + 215, [iii] + 313, [iii] + 444 p. [GB: t. 1, t. 2, t. 3] [IA: t. 1, t. 2, t. 3]
  • The Squyr of Lowe Degre: a Middle English metrical romance edited in all the extant forms with introduction, notes, and glossary by William Edward Mead, Boston, Ginn and Company (The Albion Series), 1904, lxxxv + 111 p. [GB] [IA: ex. 1, ex. 2]
    • New York, AMS Press, 1973
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Traductions modernes
  • en anglais:
    • Romances of Chivalry, told and illustrated in fac-simile by John Ashton, London, Unwin, 1887, xii + 356 p. (ici p. 191-203) [GB] [IA]
      • Romances of Chivalry, told and illustrated in fac-simile by John Ashton. Popular edition, London, Unwin, 1890, xii + 356 p. [GB] [IA]
    • A Squire of Low Degree, by Lily A. Long, New York, Appleton, 1890, 316 p. [GB] [IA]
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  • Fewster, C. S., Narrative Transformations of Past and Present in Middle English Romance: Guy of Warwick, Amis and Amiloun, and the Squyr of Lowe Degre, Liverpool, University of Liverpool, 1984.
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