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Thomas Gray

Sir Thomas Grey of Heaton | Thomas Grey


Mort avant le 22 octobre 1369

Historien anglais


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  1. Scalacronica

    Contenu:Chronique d'Angleterre et d'Écosse depuis la Conquête normande en 1066 jusqu'en 1362.
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    1. Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker Library, 133
    Éditions modernes
    • Scalacronica: by Sir Thomas Gray of Heton, knight. A chronicle of England and Scotland from A. D. MLXVI to MCCCLXII. Now first printed from the unique manuscript. With an introduction and notes [by Joseph Stevenson], Edinburgh, Maitland Club, 1836, [vii] + lxxv + 321 + xxxviii p. [GB] [IA: ex. 1, ex. 2]
    • Sir Thomas Gray, Scalacronica, 1272-1363, edited and translated and with an introduction by Andy King, Woodbridge et Rochester, Boydell Press (Publications of the Surtees Society, 209), 2005, lxiv + 288 p.
    Traductions modernes
    • en anglais:
      • Scalacronica: The Reigns of Edward I, Edward II and Edward III as recorded by Sir Thomas Gray and now translated by the Right Hon. Sir Herbert Maxwell, Glasgow, Maclehose, 1907, xxi + 196 p. [IA]
      • King 2005 (voir sous Éditions modernes)
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