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Thomas Usk


Mort en 1388

Écrivain anglais


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  1. The Testament of Love

    Incipit:Many men there ben that with eeres openly sprad so moche swalowen the delyciousnesse of jestes and of ryme by queynt knyttyng coloures that of the goodnesse or of the badnesse of the sentence take they lytel hede or els none. Sothely, dul wytte and a thoughtful soule so sore have myned and graffed in my spyrites that suche craft of endytyng wol not ben of myn acqueyntaunce…
    Explicit:… It is the spyrite that yeveth lyfe; the flesshe of nothyng it profyteth. Flesshe is flesshly understandynge; flessh without grace and love naught is worth. The letter sleeth, the spyrit yeveth lyfelych understandyng. Charyté is love, and love is charyté. God graunt us al therin to be frended. And thus the Testament of Love is ended.
    Thus endeth the Testament of Love.
    1. Aucun.
    Éditions anciennes
    1. Thomas Usk, The Testament of Love, éd. William Thynne, [1532], f. 325r-361r.
    Éditions modernes
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    Traductions modernes
    • en français:
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