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The court of love


Titre:The courte of love; The court of love
Date:XVIe siècle
Forme:206 septains de vers rimant ababcdd (1442 vers)
Incipit:With tymeros hert and tremlyng hand of drede,
of cunnyng naked, bare of eloquence,
unto the flour of poort in womanhede
I write, as he that none intelligence…
Explicit:… my lady gan me sodenly behold,
and with a trewe love, plited many fold,
she smote me thrugh the harte as blive;
and Venus yet I thanke I am alive!
  1. Cambridge, Trinity College Library, R. 3. 19, f. 241r-245v [⇛ Description]
Éditions anciennes
Éditions modernes
  • The Chaucerian Apocrypha: a selection edited by Kathleen Forni, Kalamazoo, Medieval Institute Publications (Middle English Texts Series), 2005. [www]
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