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Otuel and Roland


Titre:Otuel and Roland
Date:Vers 1330
Contenu:Traduction de la chanson d'Otinel et d'une version française du Pseudo-Turpin.
Incipit:Herkenyth lordynges and ȝeuyth lyst
In the worchyppe of Ihesu Cryst
Off a conquerour
That was yhote sir Charlemayn
Howe he wan Galys of Spayne
With ful grete honour…
Explicit:… Now Ihesu Crist in trinite
O God and persones thre
To ioye and blysse ous bryng.
Here endeth Otuel Roulond and Olyuer
And off the twelf dussypers
That deyden in the batayle off Runcyvale
Ihesu Lord heuene kyng
To hys blysse ous and hem bothe bryng
To leuen wythoute bale.
Amen quod J. Gage.
Manuscrits Éditions anciennes
Éditions modernes
  • "Firumbras" and "Otuel and Roland", edited from MS. British Museum Addit. 37492 by Mary Isabelle O'Sullivan, London, Oxford University Press (Early English Text Society. Original Series, 198), 1935, lxxxviii + 191 p.
  • The Roland and Otuel Romances and the Anglo-French Otinel, edited by Elizabeth Melick, Susanna Fein, and David Raybin, Kalamazoo, Medieval Institute Publications (Middle English Texts Series), 2019, 392 p.
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