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The tournament of Tottenham


Titre:The tournament of Tottenham
Date:Entre 1400 et 1440
Forme:234 vers
Incipit:Of all thes kene conquerours to carpe it were kynde,
of fele feghtyng folk ferly we fynde,
the turnament of Totenham have we in mynde.
It were harme sych hardynes were holden byhynde…
Explicit:… in every corner of the hous
was melody delycyous,
for to here precyus,
of six menys sang.
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  2. Cambridge (USA), Harvard University, Houghton Library, Eng 590 (E) [⇛ Description]
  3. London, British Library, Harley, 5396, f. 306r-310r (H) [⇛ Description]
Éditions anciennes
Éditions modernes
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Traductions modernes
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