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Of þe vox and of þe wolf


Titre:Of þe vox and of þe wolf; The fox and wolf in the well
Date:XIVe siècle
Incipit:A vox gon out of þe wode go,
afingret so, þat him wes wo;
he nes neuere in none wise
afingret erour half so swiþe…
Explicit:… mid staues and speres he wes I-stounge.
Þe wox bicharde him, mid Iwisse,
for he ne fond nones kunnes blisse,
ne hof duntes forȝeuenesse. Explicit.
  1. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Digby, 86, f. 138rb-140rb [⇛ Description]
Éditions anciennes
Éditions modernes
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